Advice 1: How many bottles have newborn and how to choose them

A wide range of bottles for newborn in pharmacies and stores that can lead parents to a dead end. To choose such accessories for baby feeding needs on the basis of whether the mother feeds the baby breast-or bottle-feeding is practiced. When buying a dowry it is important to consider the differences between the types of bottles and decide how many bottles you will need to care for the baby for the first time.
How many bottles have newborn and how to choose them
Newborns on artificial feeding of the baby feeding bottles you will need on the first day of life. The need for such adaptations and for breastfeeding from a bottle the baby will drink water, juices, compotes and yogurt. For infants require special bottles, sets for children older than six months will differ from the products for the little ones.

Bottle feeding – how much to buy

For iskusstvennomu mandatory minimum would be to buy at least six bottles of different volumes. This capacity with nipples for mixtures of 250 ml, for water suitable bottle volume of 100 or 150 ml. at least four different bottles will be needed when artificial feeding in the day, so family members have time to sterilize the dishes and cook a nutritious blend to crumbs.

Breast-feeding need to not bottle out. Your child will need to buy one or two small bottles with a volume of 100-120 ml water bottle more you can take on the road. They will need the introduction of solid foods, however, for newborns on breastfeeding, the need for large bottles is eliminated. Give water or dill water for the baby using a spoon.

When choosing a bottle to prefer easy to use and safe containers. So buy better kits manufacturers, are supplied with quality certificates. These products are made from environmentally friendly materials.

What bottle to choose the newborn

For a newborn are best suited the tall, narrow bottles that are easy to hold. They are flexible, so they baby can drink water or have a mixture. A good choice would be a different kind of antecology of the bottle with valves and pistons, preventing the ingestion of air during feeding. For infants breastfeeding should choose round bottles with wide nipples – physiological model, resembling the mother's breast. Curved in the shape of a bottle is recommended for kids older when the child can hold a container of yogurt or a mixture. For the little ones, they are not suitable, because the bottle curved type is difficult to clean.

A bottle for a newborn can have handles, the scale of milliliters. Optimally, if the division will be convex, and not painted because the paint from frequent washing wears off quickly. The bottle must be shatterproof, so you should buy products from a practical plastic. Unlike glass, plastic bottles lighter in weight. But over time they can become cloudy.

Nipples for bottles for newborns can be manufactured from different materials. Most popular nipples latex and silicone. The first is less durable, but soft and supple. It is necessary to take into account that latex can cause an allergic reaction. Same silicone nipples are firmer, they can easily be disinfected. Form products can be slightly preplanetary or round. Round more closely resemble a nipple and tapered exclude the formation of a wrong bite.

Advice 2 : How to choose a bottle for a newborn

Regardless of the method of feeding a newborn you will need a bottle. It is useful to leave a portion of milk, if the mother will need to run an errand. If your baby is on an artificial or mixed feeding, then you will need a few bottles. The first choice of children's dishes for a newborn should be approached responsibly.
How to choose a bottle for a newborn
Now available are an extensive range of bottles for feeding babies. Buy children's tableware in pharmacies or specialized stores and give preference to products from well-known manufacturers.
Pay attention to the material from which made the bottle. Glass bottle environmentally friendly, it is easy to clean and to sterilize, it is perfect for newborns. But when the baby is a little older it is better to replace the bottle made of polypropylene. This material is an excellent alternative to glass. These bottles are also easy to use. The only drawback is a little unclear.
Very popular bottles of plastic. They are unbreakable, light and convenient. However, they need to be changed frequently, sometimes forget about mom. The problem is that after repeated heating and cooling in bottles made of plastic are formed small cracks, which can develop harmful bacteria.
Choosing the shape of bottle for feeding, think, are you going to wash. After all, the purity of children's dishes are very important for the baby's health. If the child himself is able to hold the bottle, then buy a model equipped with comfortable handles.
If your baby has digestive problems, get this bottle. They have a special design that prevents the ingestion of air during feeding.
Foods ideal physiological bottles. They are very soft and resemble the shape of the female breast. Due to this design these bottles do not spoil the skill of sucking and not interfere with future breast feeding.
Bottles differ in scope. Newborn buy the pot with a volume of 100 ml. For children from six months purchase a bottle with a volume of 200 ml to avoid health problems, change the bottle once or twice a month.
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