To determine whether you have enough warmed baby milk mixture, you can "by eye", without the use of special measuring devices. Pour a small amount of milk on your wrist or inner part of the elbow where the skin is thin and delicate. The temperature of the mixture should be the same as body temperature or one degree above. If the temperature of the liquid is not there — to feed the baby. Cool too hot milk.
Heat a bottle of formula in the special electric heater for baby food. It will allow you to evenly heat the milk. Almost all heaters equipped with a thermostat and indicate the temperature of the food. In modern models by means of a handle or button you can set the desired temperature. Usually it is 37-38 degrees.
Thoroughly mix the bottle with the milk mixture, if you warmed it in the microwave — the milk can be heated unevenly. Some pediatricians recommend not to heat the mixture in a microwave oven as this may lead to loss of useful properties.
If you dilute the baby food with hot water, cool it to the desired temperature by putting the bottle in a bowl of cold water. Stir before giving milk to the child. Please note on the label: some types of special therapeutic infant formulas do not make very hot water.
Keep in mind that some babies prefer a certain temperature milk. Some are happy only drink very warm mixture, and the cooled refuse. Others like milk and yogurt at room temperature. Watching your baby, you will find the most acceptable temperature of the mixture.