The position of the bottles when feeding is very important: how well will it hold, depends, how soon will eat the baby will not drown if he did not swallow a lot of air.
In advance wash the bottle inside and outside: it should not slip out of his hands. Spreading the mixture, shake it and wipe the bottle dry with a towel. Take it in the palm over the lower part: the fingers should securely cover the surface.
Take the kid on hands, in the position in which you feed him breast. Whenloiv the bottle to the cheek, check, not hot. During feeding, hold the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees so that the nipple was all the time filled with a mixture. If the nipple is air the baby can swallow, but it is fraught not only regurgitation, but also severe vomiting, and sleepless nights the flatulence probably will cause intestinal colic. Being unable to sleep, the child exhausted himself and izluchaet you.
The baby's head during feeding should be slightly raised. Be careful to not forward and not hanging to one side, otherwise the baby will be hard to swallow, and it may even choke.
In any case, do not lift the bottle vertically: a child can drown, especially if the hole in the nipple is big. To avoid such hassles, you should buy the nipples, based on the age of the baby, with holes corresponding in shape and size. Ideally it should be such that the mixture of the upside-down bottle is not flowed a stream, and dripped small drops. Remember: in the infant there is a need not only in food but also in sucking. Quickly after drinking the mixture from the bottle through the large hole, he will not be able to satisfy this reflex.
If there is a choice, pick up a bottle for feeding convenient for you form. For reviews mom, it is best to "fall" into the hand wide "slim" bottles. They are manufactured under many brands: Nuby, Philips Avent, Bebe Confort, etc. Some of them have the sides cut or a special rubber insert for which they are very comfortable to hold. Also available are bottle feeding, designed with a slope, the so-called "angular" (for example, company Chicco). After purchasing the bottle, how to hold while feeding does not arise.