You will need
    • rice – 1 Cup;
    • water – 2 glasses;
    • spices (to taste);
    • salt (to taste);
    • a glass container with a lid;
    • microwave.
For cooking in a microwave oven will fit almost any variety of rice like round grain (Krasnodar) and long grain (basmati). Rinse the rice several times until water is clear. Pour a glass of grits in a container for the microwave. Its role can play a glass or porcelain bowl. Note that the capacitance must be big enough because the rice during cooking greatly increases in volume.
Pour the rice with water. Make sure you have enough water to barley is not burnt and does not stick to the walls of the vessels. For flavor, add spices and a little salt. Alternatively, you can throw into the bowl of a bouillon cube. If you put in the rice, raisins or prunes, the result will be not a side dish and a separate dish. Cover the container with glass lid, heat-resistant film or porcelain dish and place it in the microwave.
Set the timer on the microwave for 12 minutes and put on her panel maximum power. After the timer clicks, you can leave the rice in the oven for an additional 15-20 minutes – it will become much softer. Then using an oven glove to avoid burns, remove the container from the appliance and gently toss the finished dish with a wooden spatula. In order to quickly cool the rice, you can use a fan.
In seethe rice, you can add a tablespoon of olive oil or sour cream. And if you mix it with turmeric, then the finished dish will get a nice yellowish tint. After all the preparations completed, the rice can bring to the table.