Utensils for microwave ovens come in three types: ceramic, glass, special plastics. Strictly forbidden to use utensils made of metal. It is advisable not to use plates and pans with a picture, as some paints contain metal particles and can damage the magnetron.


A small saucepan, widening towards the top and is made of heat-resistant glass, the item needed for cooking in a microwave oven. It can be easy to prepare first and second courses. Many Housewives use similar pans for even baking.

The only caveat – it is better to choose a pot with a round shape. In oval and square containers distribution of microwaves is uneven.

Ordinary glasses, with thick glass walls also come in handy in the modern kitchen. They can bake the omelet to cook small cupcakes, reheat the juice. Thin-walled glasses are not suitable for the microwave, they will explode when heated. You also cannot use crystal containing lead and other metals.

Ceramic tableware

Ceramic microwave safe container is the ideal option. All the plates and pans used in cooking should not have any chips or cracks, as in the process of heating the pot can be split. Therefore, it is preferable to buy microwave ovens pots and dishes, covered with glaze. On glaze damage will be visible immediately.

It is not recommended to buy crockery in the local market. As a rule, all of it imported from China, where ceramics and paint almost always add metal. By the way, you can check whether or not the microwave safe container.

In the oven put the water-filled glass jar, with a volume of 200 ml and cover with a sealed lid. Next to the jar put a check object, for example a plate. Include the maximum temperature for 1-2 minutes. If the dish remains cool, it can be used for cooking in a microwave oven. If heated, for microwave this cookware is not suitable.

Tableware, plastic

Polyamide or polypropylene crockery, specially manufactured for furnace, microwave oven, withstands heat up to +140оС. But cooking in such utensils should be cautious. When heating the sugar and fat can heat up above normal and deformed the dishes. In plastic container you can prepare vegetables, bake a cupcake. For roasting chicken or apples with sugar is better to use a glass ovenproof dish.

Knowing how to choose the dishes for the microwave, the owner will ensure the normal operation of the microwave and save money.