You will need
    • – 1 chicken;
    • water;
    • – salt and spices to taste.
Choose chicken small size, 1 – 1.5 kg, so it's roasted evenly. Frozen carcass be sure to fully defrost before cooking. Remove all the innards and rinse it under cold running water. If you want to cook low-calorie diet dish, then remove from the carcass the skin.
Tie wings and legs to the body, kill them with wooden toothpicks, if you want to cook the chicken entirely. She needs to take a compact oval shape. Or cut the bird into serving pieces. Then add salt and sprinkle the meat with seasonings according to your taste.
Place the prepared meat in a deep bowl for the microwave. Whole carcass lay breast down. Pour the meat with boiling water to completely cover the chicken, but the bowl was a place for boiling. Top cover dome lid for microwave ovens with a hole for steam. Place the bowl with the chicken in the microwave on high and wait until the liquid boils. On average, at a power of 1000 watts it would take about 4 minutes.
Cook a young bird at maximum capacity. If the meat from the chicken hard, then choose the mode average power that the chicken was heated and was prepared longer for the softening of meat. After 10 minutes remove the lid-the cap, flip the chicken and again place in microwave for 10-15 minutes on the same mode.
Check when the chicken is done, pierced her in several places with a wooden toothpick. The juice should be transparent, but not pink. Ready chicken remove from broth, cover with foil which keeps the heat and leave for 10 minutes to cool below the cooking process is finalized. If you pull it out of the broth still hot, it will lose moisture and the meat will be dry.