You will need
    • medium size Cup
    • fork or whisk
    • 2-3 eggs
    • seasonings and spices.
Find a suitable bowl or a bowl that can be used in the microwave. It should not be too small and too large. Eggs before frying, rinse thoroughly under warm running water.
In cooked dishes, break 2-3 eggs. In the resulting mass add a pinch of salt, favorite seasonings and spices. All this mix thoroughly with a fork or with a special whisk.
It is not always possible to find suitable times for cooking eggs in the microwave the first time. So a few bad samples don't have to upset you. Better start frying eggs in the microwave with 1 minute and evaluates the result. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise cooked eggs get rubbery.
Experienced lovers of fried eggs in the microwave say that the ideal combination for their preparation very simple. Initially, turn on the microwave with her eggs for 30 seconds. Then the contents of the bowl stir with a fork and turn the device on for another half a minute. As a result of such action the eggs are cooked through evenly, and the dish will be more lush and palatable.
Fried eggs in the microwave can serve as a separate dish, garnished with herbs and vegetables. But if you put them on toast, add a slice of cheese and slice of ham, you get a sandwich for Breakfast.
To fry egg in the microwave, only takes 3 minutes. Therefore, this method of cooking eggs is an ideal Breakfast option for business people, saving every minute of your precious time and also for couch potatoes who prefer instead of cooking a full Breakfast roll extra 10-15 minutes in a warm bed.