Pick up the paper on which you draw. Fit quite dense, textured material. The more will be revealed "grit" paper, neodnorodnoe will be a line drawn in sanguine. Will look spectacular pattern printed on tinted paper. Pick a shade that will blend with the tone of the chalk, which you will use – make a few test strokes on the reverse side of the sheet.
Typically, the pattern is applied from crayons. This material does not require a perfectly accurate construction, the priority is given to picturesqueness of outline. However, if you are confident that you can with the first right to transfer the shape of the object, make a sketch a simple pencil. Use a hard pencil (2T or 4T) and apply a line just touching the sheet. Light strokes will be possible to block sanguine. If the contours of a pencil sketch will appear too dark and noticeable, lighten his eraser-clacky. Use a regular eraser is undesirable: it will remove the top layer of paper that will be noticeable on the finished figure.
One way to create drawing with sanguine hatching. Practice to apply the finishing touches, filling them is divided into equal squares sheet. In the first square to create a vertical line, the second horizontal. Then practice hatching diagonally and overlap strokes in a semicircle. Further work on the line thickness. Swipe to cut sharp side of the crayon to achieve the fine lines. Then draw a few back, flat side. Also check which bar will give the side of a sanguine drawing.
Learn to adjust the force of the pressure on the crayon to get the strokes of different saturation of colors. Lines RUB with your finger, cotton swab or a special rubbing – it also changes the color depth and the transparency of the layer.
Creating a picture sanguine, or use one of the methods hatching or rubbing, or combine them. Also, this material goes well with white chalk and charcoal. First, it is possible to lighten certain parts, the second to darken. The finished picture does not work, so to safeguard it in the album lay sheets of tracing paper. On the wall drawing made with sanguine, should be under glass.