Common materials to create drawings for only two of shellac is acrylic paint and the shellac. Beginner is better to start with acrylic paints as the paint on the shellac to them, it is difficult even for professionals. Pictures colors technically easier due to the fact that not any ornament you can always erase and draw it again. With shellac, this will not work and will have to remove the whole coating layer.

You will need

• Base for shellac;
• shellac with pigment;
• top coating;
• acrylic paint;
• cotton pads;
• rubbing alcohol;
• brush;
• soft nail file;
• UV lamp.

1. Preparing nails, apply a base under shellac. The edge of the nail also need to cover the base, taking to the brush a minimum of liquid. Within 2 minutes, the base should be dried under UV lamp.

2. If a figure you will make on a colored background, apply the shellac with pigment on top of base coat. Gently cover and the edge of the nail, remember, layers must be thin. The exposure time under the UV-lamp is the same. Miss this step if colored background you do not need.

3. Apply the top coating on the nail. To paint went well, the stickiness characteristic of the coating must be removed. For this, a cotton pad, dampen with alcohol and wipe your nails well.

4. Soft nail file gently treat the nail plate. This will help the figure to stay on the nails longer. Fine abrasive dust swipe with a dry brush.

5. Drawings with acrylic paints on shellac should be applied with a thin brush. If the figure has a contour, start with him. If the contour is not, and the image has several colors, apply them in layers. Wait until the paint dries.

6. On top of the figure, apply two layers of top coating. The layers should be thin. Do not forget to handle the edge of the nail. Each layer is top dry under UV lamp.

7. For drawings by the shellac first, you should also apply a base coat and lacquer with color pigment. After each layer the nails are placed under a UV light for 2 min.

8. Applying a top coating, and without wiping his sticky texture, you can paint with shellac. Also use a thin brush. As the basis for the drawing of liquid, you'll need skill, it is better to practice before doing this on artificial nails.

9. If the drawings shellac will be on a transparent background, steps with a color pigment and top coating will not be needed. They need to be applied will be directly into the underlying base before it dries.

10. Once the drawings are ready, apply two layers of top coating. Application technique and drying remains the same as when using acrylic paints.