Features drawing with watercolor pencils

To draw with watercolor pencils a lot more interesting than usual. They are perfectly cope with the task of obtaining the tone suitable brightness and saturation allow you to draw small details, to create tactile images to fill the picture with bright accents and add needed depth.
The main feature of the drawing with watercolor pencils is the need to use special watercolour paper.

In addition, the use of watercolor pencils allows you to improve and correct inaccuracies of the drawing in the drawing process dry, which is impossible to do while creating the painting using watercolor paints.

Watercolor pencils are much more portable than paints. They do not occupy much space in the bag, and they can create sketches of interesting objects in any place and at any time. Dilute the resulting composition, turning it into a watercolor painting, in the place of its creation, and in a relaxed home environment.

What to buy watercolor pencils

There are only two types of watercolor pencils. The drawing tools belonging to the first group, looks virtually no different from the usual colored pencils and as well, as they have a wooden shell.

Watercolor pencils, constitute the second group, the so-called monoliths, are a solid drawing tools that do not require regular sharpening. Composed of watercolor pencils-monoliths contains 3 times more dye pigment, than in the composition of pencils in a wooden shell, so they made the pictures much brighter and more colorful.
The disadvantage of watercolor pencils-monoliths is their susceptibility to breakdowns, including the failure to maintain the integrity in the fall.

Manufacturers producing watercolor pencils, not so much. The most famous and popular among them are: "Lira", "sonnet", KOH-I-NOOR, STAEDLER, MARCO, DERWENT and Faber Castell. The products of all these brands has its pros and cons and differ mainly by the degree of softness of watercolor pencils. The higher the softness of the watercolor pencil, the brighter and more saturated the footprint he leaves on the paper.

In order not to be disappointed in the limitless abilities of these amazing tools for drawing, ran into the fake, buy watercolor pencils should be only in specialized art departments and stores.