You will need
  • - colored pencils
  • - colored paper for drawing
Take a sheet of colored paper on which the bright colors of pencils will be most noticeable - for example, dark blue color. It is not necessary to use colored paper for children's creativity - it is intended mainly for applications and other paper crafts. At the art store, you can buy special paper for drawing colored or pastel pencils.
Match colors of crayons, which will, as a white, fairly well visible on the dark paper and make a paper color pleasing to the eye color combination. The theme for the artwork will tell you the color of the paper and your imagination. For example, on a dark blue background you can draw evening winter landscape into a rich green forest fairy. The white color will help you to depict the snow, the sun's rays, glare and reflections on water and other surfaces. You can use a white pencil to create monochromatic compositions, i.e., containing only one color on a contrasting paper background.
When drawing with white pencil on colored paper interesting effects can be achieved using a feather. This will help create a smooth and transparent transitions between the color of paper and pencil. As a feather can be used rolled into a tight tube a piece of paper, a cotton swab, or even your own finger. Experiment with different tools and choose the one that would be good for you.
White pencil suitable not only for drawing on colored paper. It can be applied over conventional pencils to soften and lighten their colors, decrease saturation. In addition, if you want to achieve a smooth transition between two or more colors, you can also use a white pencil, rastushevok them the border between the colors. In addition, applying over the base color, white highlights - can be given of figure the subject the illusion of volume.