Gouache paint is opaque and thick. She loves the water. Keep this in mind when choosing brushes. For watercolors ideally suited squirrel brush, but when painting with gouache to use it undesirable. It is best to choose a brush is not very absorbent. The brushes of the column and bristle (natural or synthetic) suitable for gouache the best. The cheapest option is to brush with natural bristles. In the set you need to have brushes of different shapes and sizes: thin and thick, flat and round. Remember that gouache is quite heavy paint, it lies in thick layers, so the paper should be dense and not much to get wet.
First you need to learn how to mix colors. Unlike watercolors, which can be mixed directly on the paper, gouache heavier and dense. For mixing the desired palette. As a palette you can use heavy paper, cardboard, plastic or wooden Board. Mix the colors thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. To start experimenting with color, check which shades are obtained by mixing several basic colors. You can split the sheet into several small squares and paint each one a new the resulting shade.
Starting to paint with gouache, remember its main property: it is an opaque paint. If before you write the color you did a pencil sketch to show through a coat of paint it will not. Color easily overlap each other, so it becomes unimportant order of drawing details. You can start with the darkest objects, and it is possible with light. If some part paintings was not entirely successful, wait for complete drying of the layer and modify it again. Much to get involved overlapping layers need not, in the end it may be a "dirty color".
Experiment with textures. On a clean sheet streak of the stroke each time dampening the brush harder. Start with completely dry brushes and finished very wet. You will see that every time the paint falls differently. Dry brush is to draw the small details in the final stage. You can also use a toothbrush to spatter paint, a sponge, washcloth or even your fingers.
Check the condition of the brush! If it remains particles of old paint, it can ruin the mix color. At hand should always be enough clean water and cloth for wiping the brush. If the brush is old, and she gets out of the pile, don't draw her more, otherwise the paper will be smaller hairs.