You will need
  • hard brushes, paper, oil paint, hard eraser, white gouache, palette
To make a drawing with a dry brush, you can use paper or fabric. Paper is better to take textured, for example, under canvas or under the egg shell. Watercolor paper is great for drawing with a dry brush. The brush should be hard, very nice boar bristles.
Apply a pencil on paper drawing contours. Need to do this very easily and gently, as paint is used malonasyshchennye, and the layer is sufficiently thin. If the grease pencil lines will be visible, it will ruin the picture. Better to work out the drawing in advance on another sheet of paper so that at the stage of drawing the outline do not use the eraser. It will damage the texture of the paper and can also contribute to the appearance of pellets. Not rough and pilling the paint surface will fall badly.
After the outlines are ready, the work begins with color. Before you start to work with paint, it is necessary to put on a palette and mix with a knife until smooth. Should be no lumps or clots, the paint must be a perfect pasta.
Take a brush, some paint, and then spend a few times on her palette. So the paint will spread evenly on the bristles of the brush. Paint should not be much or it could spoil the whole picture. If the paint is ended, it is possible to take more and precisely disperse the paint brush using the palette.
Start drawing to big a brush. Work through its basic tone. Then take the brush smaller and work with smaller tonal elements of the picture. And so until then, until the drawing is nearly complete. Gently RUB the paint into the paper, not too much and not too much paint.
Glare is usually applied gouache whitewash when the rest of the drawing is ready. Such white dries very quickly and they are opaque.