You will need
  • - fan frame size of 80 mm;
  • - a drill bit;
  • - screwdriver;
  • lubricant;
  • - glass fiber;
  • - mounting flat-head screws;
  • - screw terminals;
  • - low-power power supply;
  • - semicolony the power controller.
  • - fuse FU1;
  • - nichrome wire;
  • fine - grain sandpaper;
  • - the tube from diode Suva;
  • - a tube of extruded mica;
  • - asbestos cord;
  • a cylindrical nozzle;
  • silicate adhesive;
  • - the tubular casing;
  • - silicone.
Remove computer fan impeller and its housing between the mounting lug slot hole. Horoshenechko wash the shaft and bearing impeller, lubricate and reinstall.
Of fine laminate and cut out two plates with dimensions of 80x80 mm and one screw behind the fan casing. For the remainder of the plate in the middle make a hole, and its diameter should be 10-12 mm larger than the hub diameter of the impeller. Screw the front plate to the fan housing. The hole cut will play the role of the air intake of the fan.
Attach to the fan housing block with two screw terminals to which are attached the conclusions of the heater. Fasten the screw contacts the mounting screw with countersunk head, because head will prevent the rotation of the impeller.
To power the fan, use ready-made low-power power supply. In that case, if it has a voltage regulator, remove it: building the Hairdryerdo not prevent the excess voltage. In the vacant space install simple power control of the heating air.
Install the fuse FU1. All the details of the controller mount the power supply enclosure.
Wind the winding with a resistance of 200 Ohms (this will take about five meters of 0.2 mm nichrome wire). It the end clean with fine sandpaper and tightly twist with a pitch of 1-1. 5 mm.
As a scaffold for winding, use a ceramic tube from the diode Suva. Shorten it by one third, well clear of its channel. The wire wrap on the pipe with a slight interference fit.
Within two hours abrogate ready heater on the air (to do this, connect it to the power regulator, which is first set to minimum). In the course of this firing, the coil will heat up to red.
As duct use a tube with an inner diameter equal to 13 mm, which is made of molded mica. Outside pipe wrap asbestos cord. From the side where there is a stream of hot air, fasten a silicate adhesive cylindrical nozzle.
The finished duct, and a heater place in the tubular casing. For mounting the casing to the fan, make holes and cuts. Close all the cracks with silicone sealant.