To make a knife in several ways. The first is to buy a blade and set it on the handle. This method is easy but it requires often a lot of money and time to find suitable materials. It is therefore necessary to consider the second method of self-made knife more affordable.
Buy on the market an ordinary kitchen knife to the desired size. Remove the handle.
Erode and modify on the grinder plate of your blade. Give from the handle plate of the desired profile to match scheduled handle. All these works can be done in a few hours and you will have a knife that will suit you.
Cover (wrap) on a thread handle in several layers of beautiful ribbon, cloth duct tape, pre-lubricated the handle with glue. Don't forget to leave a place of rest for the fingers, on the need to file a file, giving the desired shape. Select the layer windings you can make your own, it is important to consider what you would like to see the handle and for what purposes will apply the knife. If you need a tough and rough arm, then the adhesive can be placed river sand, sawdust, pebbles and other small objects.
Cut out the wooden trim for the handle. Glue the lining to the plate. Wrap the glued lining thread in a single layer along the entire length. Such a winding will not allow the pads to stay straight, not off to the side.
Wait until the glue dries.