You will need
  • - a number of chemicals, depending on the kind of the paste for silvering you decide to cook;
  • - a piece of soft fabric or leather for applying the paste;
  • - flannel for polishing silver-plated object;
  • - rubber gloves.
To silver copper object, you can apply the paste for silvering. There are several recipes like this pasta.
Recipe first:

Take 6 g of silver chloride, 8 g of sodium chloride (table salt), 8 g cream of Tartar. All this grind in a mortar. The resulting powder is diluted with distilled water to the consistency of liquid paste. Toothpaste applied to a soft cloth or a flap of soft leather and RUB it copper objects. When rubbing, the piece will become silver glitter, it needs to be rinsed in water and Polish with a piece of flannel.
Recipe two:

Take 4 g of cream of Tartar, 2 g of ammonia, 1 g of silver nitrate. Mix, dilute with distilled water to the consistency of liquid paste. As in the previous recipe, RUB a paste of a copper object with a piece of cloth or leather before the advent of silver glitter.
Recipe three:

Take the prepared paste for silvering copper and its alloys, which can be purchased in the store. Applies similarly to the previous two recipes.
Recipe four:

Take 3 g of silver chloride, 8 g sodium chloride, 8 g Vinokurova potassium, 4 grams of chalk. Mix, pound in a mortar. On a damp piece of cloth to dry pour the resulting powder and RUB the copper part, constantly adding a mixture of reagents and wetting the cloth as needed.