You will need
  • - gas burner;
  • - silver;
  • - copper;
  • - asbestos base;
  • - graphite crucible;
  • - borax;
  • - boric acid.
Beginning to fabricate the solder. It should be composed of 2 parts silver (you can use silver spoon) and 1 part copper. Both alloy metal using gas torch, to do this, take the required amount of both metals, place them in a crucible made of graphite and warm all this burner. After the metals are melted, stir them with the steel wire. Solders ready. Now cool it, flatten on the anvil and cut into small pieces.
Take borax powder (20 grams) and boric acid (powder, about 20 grams). Stir the mixture, pour one Cup of water and boil to make it better dissolved. The flux is ready. Don't be afraid, boric acid will not harm neither your hands nor the tools.
Now proceed directly to solder. Braze on a heat-resistant objects, for example, suitable asbestos plate. Put her details for soldering, spray them with the flux, lightly sprinkle flakes of solder and begin a gradual heating, first, the solder will grab the details, and then to red heat (about 700 degrees). Here the main thing not to overheat, because the difference of the melting point of the solder and brass parts is only 50 degrees. Also remember that small parts melt faster than larger, so warm slowly to major the item is warmed, and the fine is not melted.
The last stage of removal from the product of the flux residues. To do this, simply wash the product in hot 3% solution of sulfuric acid. Just tie it to the product something that will not interact with acid, put the product in acid for a few minutes, then rinse with running water. Please note that in this method of melting is to use the soldering iron will not work, since the melting point of the solder is 700 degrees, and the soldering iron gives only 200-250.