You will need
  • Box cutter, screw driver "+", electric soldering iron, solder, rosin.
Comparing the statistics of breakdowns of a computer mouse, you can make an interesting conclusion – most of the faults of this device lies in the bend of the wire at the entrance to the mouse. So, if you happened to such trouble as breakage of the mouse, and in the computer lounge was convinced that she had a reliable manufacturer, you can be sure that, most likely, there was a broken wire.
Take in hand a mouse and turn it over. Unscrew all the connecting screws. Remove the upper part of the body.
Note the location of the wires by color. It is best to photograph or to sketch on paper.
Turn on the soldering iron to be heated. It should be noted that to perform the soldering you should use a soldering iron with power up to 40W, 25W desirable. Before using the soldering iron, it is necessary to clean soldering iron tip and dunk in resin.
The heated soldering iron, carefully unsolder wiring. Set the soldering iron aside.
A sharp hobby knife cut the damaged part of the wire of the mouse. Cut is no more than 3 inches. Clean all the contacts and dip it in rosin.
Solder the wires to the contacts of the mouse. Then assemble the case.