Start the Internet browser. Enter in the address bar the address of your mail server. Enter the username and password and go to your Inbox. Click "Write".
In the "to:" line write the e-mail someone going to write a letter. The "Add" button you can choose one or more recipients who have sent letters before and whose addresses have been preserved.
In the Subject field enter the subject of your email. Briefly explain the main content (just one or two words).
You can put a label such as "Important" or create your own. In this case, the letter will be displayed in the recipient list of received emails with the sign flag.
In the large window, write the text of the letter. If you want to draw the text as something special, right of the window click on the "Draw text". Displays text formatting bar, something resembling a "vorovskoy". Click the "Check spelling" identify spelling errors in text and correct them.
To the letter, you can attach various files: images, melodies, videos, etc. Click on the "Attach files", select one or more. Wait until each file is loaded into the letter. If the attachment size is more than 24 MB, the file will be uploaded to the People.Disk. The recipient will receive the attachment with a link to the file. Be sure to pre-read the service User agreement People.Disk.
If you want to be reminded, if within five days you not received a response to the letter, check the box next to the appropriate label. Additional parameters you can set the notification email sent to the recipient SMS notification after sending the letter, or assign a send within a certain specified time.