Html – hypertext markup language, which is used in the creation of special pages for websites. It allows you to save different pages with portals and view them in the browser without connecting to the Internet. Send the letter in html format is also possible. Go to your email account on the server. If you are using special software, create a new letter.
Write some lines of html code. The main feature of this programming language is that tags are closed the same symbol as "/". For example, you use the body tag. To correctly describe the procedure you need to use the same tag, only with a closed method, i.e. "/". There are special sites, which describes almost all tags of this programming language.
To send an email in html format you need to make all the tags that you use. Be sure to check for errors. To do this, create a text document. Paste the whole code and save it in the format of the page. Next, open a browser. This can be done by two clicks of the left mouse button. In the text the letter download the entire code of the page. Enter the address of the sender. Click "Send".
Can be done another way. Create letter in a program or on the mail server. Next, enter the direct link to the page. When you open a message, the system will automatically move the user to the created page. At the moment in this way are special viruses that spread via e-mail. All suspicious emails to delete and use antivirus software.