You will need
  • Mail account on any service, ready to send a Word document, e-mail address of the recipient of the letter
Log in to your profile on the mail service and click on the icon to create a new email. In different interface, it can be called: "Create letter", "New email", "Email", etc.
Select a recipient from your contacts or enter the recipient's email address and also fill in the "Subject".
If your mail is located on the service "Yandex": click on "Attach files".
In the opened window select the desired Word document, highlight it with the cursor and then click on the "Open" button located in the bottom right corner.
Check whether you have filled in the "to" and "Subject" and click "Send".
If your mail is located on Gmail: click the icon in the form of a paperclip, located in the bottom row of fields for the message.
In the opened window select the file to upload and click "Open".
Check if all the fields have been filled, and then send an email with the document by clicking the button "Send".
If your mail is located on the service open the file selection window by pressing the "Attach file" which is above the input field text of the letter.
Select attach a file or multiple files and send an email with attached MS Word documents or other files by clicking "Send", which is at the top and bottom of the screen, send a new email.