You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet and installed on it a web browser.
To write a letter, go to your Inbox and select "Write letter". Different mail systems and programmes this command might look like "send a message" or "New message". This command should be used if you are the initiator of communication. If you need to write e-mail in response to someone, go to this post and click "Reply." Then the address of the recipient will be substituted automatically, and the topic will be added the prefix "Re".
Be sure to fill in the "to" field. In this field, enter the address of the recipient to whom you are going to write a letter. Be careful - in addressAh e-mail are used only Latin letters and numbers, without spaces. You can specify multiple recipients by listing their addressand a comma. If the address of the recipient is already in your addressbook, Noah, enter the first letters and the system will tell you need to address.
Fill in the CC field if you need to create an electronic letter to multiple addressatam. If you need to hide send to several people, enter the additional addressin the CC field".
Write the email subject in the appropriate field. This field is optional, but it's better to specify the subject that the recipient knew what was going on in the email and accidentally deleted it thinking it was spam. In the next field write the text of your letter. Don't forget to say Hello - although this email correspondence, basic rules of politeness has not been canceled.
Attach a file to a message, if necessary, by selecting it using the "Browse" button. You can write to create an electronic letter and attach multiple files at once, but in e-mail systems have limitations on file size. In this case, files better to archive. Check if all you said in your email and click "Send".