To push a guy to the first step, you have to be confident in its irresistibility. When a woman is confident in her attractiveness, she sends non-verbal signals to others. Men do not pass by these women, even if they have nothing special.
You need not only to be confident in their beauty, but also to show a guy that you are interested in. It often happens that men, seeing an attractive girl, you start to be ashamed of. To avoid this, use specific gestures to show that the man you are interested in. Will fit traditional methods of seduction, such as reversal of the housing in the direction of a person, a touch, an ambiguous look, low tone of voice, and others.

Engage the guy. Try to stand out from the crowd surrounding this man, a certain twist in appearance, or perhaps an interesting hobby. Communicating for any reason, try to find common ground which you may be linked. The man will take the initiative, after seeing how much you have in common.

People often cherish those for whom you're doing something good and useful. It can be used. Show your femininity and fragility. Ask him to help you. But it is important not to overreact to the helplessness, not to lose independence and not to seem like a little girl.

Independence and the unavailability of women is one of the most powerful incentives for initiative. Should not be available to man at any time, and to intrude him. In this case, it is to be with you he will always have to take the first steps.

Thank and encourage your man for each initiative. Don't have to say thank you. Instead, answer him back. Immediately after the guy will make you something nice, do something for him. Such a causal relationship, a man will notice.