You will need
  • Courage, confidence, determination, charm.
Let's say that you like a work colleague, neighbour or are you just fascinated by some stranger. This is not so important. The important thing is that you liked a man who does not know about it. First you need to try to establish contact with him, that is to talk. You still don't know what this man is, and, perhaps, the first conversation may fail, or, on the contrary, the person will be very sociable and communicative, and you will have the feeling that you already know each other. Try to be something of interest. The most harmless way, especially when you are talking for the first time, is the ability to listen, and men love it very much. Therefore, the first conversation, the most important thing is to listen, ask questions, inquire about his life, Hobbies, friends, etc. to Tell about itself not necessarily, or rather, prohibited. A few harmless phrases about a happy childhood, or everyday life will be enough.
But if you are already familiar with the man and you have formed good friendships, and you still do not dare to tell him of his sympathy, we need to resort to heavy artillery. The ability to speak and communicate is not enough. Many people know that men appreciate sincerity and openness, so you can feel free to Express their tender feelings and sympathy. Tell him about it, gently and unobtrusively. First, it would be very nice, and secondly, he will look at you other eyes. Maybe not immediately, but eventually - definitely. Feel free to talk about what you think and feel, be confident. He probably felt towards you the same thing, but did not dare to say. Take the initiative into their own hands and act.