To remove a permanent lock on the desktop of our computer, you must perform the following actions. Minimize all open Windows, if such is available, and click the right mouse button on the desktop. Select the line "Properties". In the opened window, select the "screen Saver". In this tab you can find the value of "password Protection", remove the check mark by clicking the left mouse button. Click "Apply" or "OK". Enjoy the result. When the system fails, then this method might not work. You need to get into the "wilds" of system settings.
How to clean <b>lock</b> computer
Run the command "Run" from the start menu. Input "gpedit.msc" and go to the "Group policy". In the opened window looking for the folder "Administrative templates" - "System" - "Ctrl+Alt+Del" - "remove lock computer". The lock still has not disappeared, it happens, move on to the next method.
How to remove computer lock
You need to start a window with "system Properties". "Start" - "control Panel" - "system Properties". Select the tab "Advanced" - "environment Variables". In this window, select variable "PATH" and open it by double click. In the input field recorded the value of the variable "%SystemRoot%system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%system32WBEM". Click "OK". If you see that there are other variables, do not delete them.
How to remove computer lock