Use cache of google search engine. Enter the name of the website into the search bar and deploy a website in the search results. Once you find it click on "cached" to view the website using sohraneniyu version of the page. This method is applicable in order to browse the web pages.
Install on your PC the Opera mini browser. With the use of this website information is not directly, but through proxy server Initially, this browser was designed for mobile phones so if you want to use it, you first have to install a java emulator that will allow you to run java applications on your computer, including Opera mini.
Use the service of anonymizer. Anonymizer is a website through which you can go to any desired resource. It works on the same principle as opera mini, but it does not require software installation. Find the anonymizer through a search engine, then enter the address where you want to go. Remember that when using all the above methods address not only encrypted for the proxy server, but also for history, making it virtually impossible to track your activity on the Internet.