Advice 1: How to unblock a port

The development of Internet technology today allows you to easily communicate, work and play online with anyone in the world. For this purpose, the computer must have an active Internet connection that you specify, including through special ports. As the IP address, the external port is set by the network software on each computer. In some cases, to get started a particular service you need to unblock a port that you want to use. Also any connection to a user computer over a network occurs through network port that you can open in the firewall settings.
How to unblock a port
Open the network connections list. To do this, select "control Panel" menu button "start". In the control window, click on the item "Network connections". The screen displays a window containing all of your local and remote connections.
How to unblock a port
Select the desired network connection and open its properties window. To do this, call the context menu and select "Properties". In the data connection properties, go to the tab "Advanced".
How to unblock a port
In the opened window under "Window Firewall" click on "Settings". Then go to the tab "Exceptions". On the screen a window will appear containing a list of exceptions of firewall protection.
How to unblock a port
Unlock the port you want. This is represented in the services list, locate the app or program the port which you want to unlock. Turn opposite the port of the mouse the check box of the item.
How to unblock a port
If the desired port in the firewall exception list is missing, add it by pressing the button "Add port...". In the provided fields, enter the port name and number. Click "OK". A new port in a disabled condition will appear in the list of exceptions. Then unlock it by checking the corresponding check box.
How to unblock a port
To save all changes press the "OK" button in each properties window of the firewall and network connections. After which the specified port can realize network connection with your computer.
Unblocking ports might compromise the security of your operating system and your personal data. Open ports for services, only knowing about their functionality.

Advice 2: How to unlock LG

To unlock your LG phone, if necessary or accidental blocking by the introduction of a certain number combination. You can find it in the passport telephone or online.
How to unlock LG
You will need
  • Phone, SIM card, combination.
Inserted in the phone original SIM card. Typed a certain combination of digits pin-code.
Go to the service menu. Go to the tab security settings SIM lock, enter NCK code.
Performed a reboot of the phone.
In some models, when you unlock use the SIM card of another operator. Then you enter a certain combination of numbers and symbols. For example, for model L600 KU31и - *815118#*#, for phones U8150, U8210, U8500 - *277634#*#.
Useful advice
For different models of LG phones are used the combinations NCK. For example, C3100, dial 2945#*3101#, KE260 - 2945#*2601#, for KE970 - 2945#*9701#. In models KG280, KG290, KG800, C3380 and F2300 press buttons with symbols 2945#*7101#. Model KG120 and KG220 work with the combination 2945#*1201#.
For KG240 requires the introduction of a combination of 2945#*3311#, for KP500 - 2945#*71101#. The model has its own code KU250 - 2945#*250#, KU380 - 2945#*380#, KC910 - 2945#*910#. Models KE990 / KU990 Viewty code combination is 2945#*990#. The BL20 Chocolate phone and KS20
you need to dial 2945#*20#, 2945#*20#
- 2945#*40#.
Models VU CU915 and CU920 Vu is characterized by the fact that there is introduced first, the combination *#865625#, then the unique 16-digit code разблокировки16-digit unlock code specified by the manufacturer.
For model KF700 Virgo LG NCK code is 2945#*700# to Incite CT810 - 2945#*810#.

Advice 3: How to unblock the firewall

If the program is not responding or the client application does not receive data from the server port the program or service is blocked by the firewall Windows. Using logging will allow you to determine blocked ports and applications, the tool Netsh Helper will help you to customize the configuration of the firewall, and configure group policy settings will fix the problems in implementation of programs.
How to unblock the firewall
Select "Unblock this program" dialog box in the "Warning security system" for the Windows firewall settings through the service window.
Click OK to confirm the selection.
Make further settings for Windows firewall using security center system.
Log in with administrator rights.
Click "start" to enter the main menu and select "Run".
Enter the value wscui.cpl in a command prompt, and press the OK button to confirm.
Select "Windows Firewall" in the window "security Center"Windows.
Go to the Exceptions tab and click the "Add program".
Select the desired program from the list that appears and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.
If all the above does not help, we recommend that you manually add the application ports to the exceptions list.
Open the utility Netstat.exe. and apply one of the network functions (audio stream).
Guide Netstat-ano > netstat.txt and press the Enter key. This will allow the application to create a file with a list of all pending ports.
Enter the value of the Tasklist > tasklist.txt and press the Enter key.
Enter the value of the Tasklist / svc > tasklist.txt if the program runs as a service. This will allow the app to create a list of services loaded by all processes.
Open the created file Tasklist.txt.
Define the program, and copy its identifier.
Open the file Netstat.txt and copy all minutes and records associated with the intended program.
Click "start" to bring up the main menu and select "Run".
Enter the value wscui.cpl in the open box command line and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.
Select the Exceptions tab and click Add port.
Specify the port number used by the desired program in the dialog box "Add port".
Specify the Protocol (TCP or UDP).
Enter the port name in string "Name".
Select the scope for the port exception (if necessary). To do this, use the button "Change scope".
Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button.
Make sure that a program runs with changed settings of Windows firewall.
Problems with network applications are not necessarily the result of blocking the app with Windows firewall. Cdbltntkmcndjv such effect is the alert window security center.
Network service map service with the user session. So the warning of the security center does not appear. It is recommended to configure the firewall through the security center.
Useful advice
The easiest way to get rid of the problems with application blocking with firewall is the application firewall that support dynamic filtering.

Advice 4: How to unlock usb port on the LG TVs

Some TVs of the brand LG are equipped with a USB connector. In expensive models it is used to playback images, audio and video files. The Junior models use USB as a service connector for firmware updates, as evidenced by the inscription "SERVICE ONLY". This is not a problem, as its unlocking is not difficult.
How to unlock usb port on the LG TVs
You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • two infrared led;
  • - solder.
The first thing you need to do is transfer your TV in the service menu. In older models with a firmware version of not higher than 3.15 this is done quite simply. Bring the unit to the infrared signal receiver located on the front of the TV, press and hold for a few seconds click "OK" in the console and in device. On the screen you should see a box with cells for entering the password. Enter the password of four zeros.
On TVs with a firmware above 3.15 there are several ways of calling the service menu: software and hardware. Using a programmatic method, you need to download the 3.15 firmware for your model and install it. For a hardware method you solder parallel to the infrared LEDs.
Connect them to the sound source, it is desirable to the amplifier to the speaker. Upload a sound file, you can find it on specialized resources. Bringing LEDs to an infrared receiver, reproduce the received file. Adjusting the volume repeatedly until the desired blink rate of the LEDs.
If you have a smartphone based on the Symbian OS or Windows Mobile, with available on-Board device infrared port, install the software irRemote for Symbian OS NoviiRemote for Windows Mobile. With its help, you can also enter the service menu of your TV.
In the menu select Tool Option3. Change the settings of the item with zero EMF per unit, now the TV can play music and photos. For video playback, change the paragraph to Divx HD. Other items leave without change. Save the settings and turn off the TV. After you enable the menu will have an additional label with the image of the USB port.
Useful advice
In the menu Tool Option3, change only the settings specified in the article, otherwise it may lead to incorrect operation of the TV or failure. If the firmware to an earlier version, please pay special attention to the model for which it is released.

Advice 5: How to unlock iPhone if forgot password

To protect data on the iPhone, many users put a password. But sometimes memory fails, why it fails to unlock. The Internet is full of various instructions that are designed to turn on the phone without their precious code, but most of them are not worth anything. There is only one valid way to unlock iPhone if forgot password.
How to unlock iPhone if forgot password


Effective way to unlock iPhone without password

If you were among those who do not remember the code from the iPhone, learning how to unlock iPhone without password, will easily cope with this task. For this you need to have the ability to connect to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed.

Even if you have not entered the correct password and iPhone is locked, sync it through iTunes. Before changing the code to log into the device's menu, connect it to the USB port using the supplied cable (disconnected from charger). Be sure to sync your data that you have been able to restore them in case of loss in case of incorrect recovery.

To use a locked iPhone, you need to enter DFU mode. To do this, please reboot the device as follows:

- simultaneously press and hold for a few seconds the lock button and the Home key on the front panel;

- when you see on the screen the logo in the shape of an Apple, release the lock, hold the round center button;

- wait for the message to sync the iPhone with iTunes;

- when your phone is found by computer, you will see that it is in recovery mode;

- confirm your consent for this procedure.

To unlock iPhone if forgotten password, you need to wait a few minutes before the end of synchronization . IPhone back in DFU mode, but the security code on it will be gone.

Procedure unlock iPhone without password is though simple but quite long. Users often do not stand up and unplug the device from the laptop or computer. Do not do this, because incorrect restore all your data can be completely lost. Also in future there can be software failures in operation of the device.

If you forgot your password from iPhone and don't know what to do with it, use it in the way suggested, so how to unlock the iPhone without iTunes is impossible.

Other ways to unlock iPhone if forgot password

So you can navigate in non-functional ways to restore iPhone without a password, note the following.

On various sites reported that iOs has bugs that allows to bypass the password protection, if you make an emergency call. However, Apple modified the gap, so to hack iPhone without a password this way will not work.

There is a method when using the IExplorer browser, it is recommended to delete the file with the security code from iPhone, however, this option is unlikely to lead to the desired result.

Some inept users claim to change the password on the iPhone if it's locked, you can use the Find My iPhone app. However, such a method is doomed to failure.

If you come across instructions that claim that you can unlock the password on iPhone without iTunes, you should not waste time applying them, because they would be useless.


Advice 6: How to unlock phone Alcatel

If you bought abroad the phone, prepare for the fact that he is already in Russia will not be able to recognize the unlock codes. However, this is not the only possible situation when you urgently have to unlock the phone, and codes at hand.
How to unlock phone Alcatel
Use to unlock your phone special SmartMoto intended for "flashing" many phone models if you use Smart-Clip without it. Download this program by clicking on the link: Officially phones on platform MTK not supported by SmartMoto, but the domestic testers proved the opposite.
Follow the link and download the program, connect Smart-Clip to your computer. Now run the program. In the menu window, connect phone, select "USB Port of Smart Clip" and then click "Search". Carefully fill out the registration form and get activation code Smart-Clip once it is completed.
Before you start to work with SmartMoto, set compatibility of the program with the operating system of your computer. For the program to work correctly in the latest versions of MS Windows, run it, go to the section Smart-Clip and put a check box on the option "allow the system to poll the LPT ports. After that, restart your computer.
Connect S-Card to one of the USB ports of your computer. After that run SmartMoto. Select "COM ports of the PC" in the menu "Connect phone". Go to the tab "MTK Models". After connect the disconnected phone to the computer using COM data cable, and select this COM port in SmartMoto.
Then press "Read unlock codes" and follow the instructions which will appear in the log window. For example, you can activate the option "Work with secondary IMEI", if your phone is dual SIM card. At this time:
- press and hold the power button on the phone;

"let her go, as soon as SmartMoto window will appear the message "Reading unlock codes".
Now disconnect the phone from the COM port and disable it. First insert into the phone need a SIM card and turn it on. Enter the code identified through the program SmartMoto, in the window menu that appears.
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