Use anonymizers. This service will help you to access any sites, including blocked by your proxy server, leaving it in the logs of the addresses you have opened. Its working principle is that it operates on the principle of the proxy server all the data that you request, to first pass through him and then streamed to your PC. All that will remain in the memory of the proxy server is visiting the site anonymizer. This is achieved by encrypting the address of the requested site so that it looks like the link to the site anonymizer. Consider using this service for example Go to the website, and then deploy the address bar, which you need to enter the desired address and press "Enter".
Use in data compression. It is designed to reduce costs when you work with gprs-Internet. Its working principle is the same as that of the anonymizer, except that it also compresses the data and only after that pereselil them on your computer. This service can be provided either with the application or through a web page. Access to the service can be paid and free of charge, with free use the download speed of the requested page is much lower than when using the premium account.
You can also use Opera Mini browser. It is designed for mobile phones, so first you need to install a java emulator. Browser does not require installation, so you can carry it on a flash drive, the main condition of use - on the computer that will work with it, must be installed in the emulator. It works on the same principle as services for data compression, but the waiting time is virtually nonexistent. Disable the downloading of images and applications to maximize the speed of open the page.