Some fans of design prefer to make vinyl stickers on their own. This requires a special film, computer, pencil and ruler.On the computer, create an original drawing, treat it in a vector program Corel. The drawing should be simple, but expressive. Better if it will be solid.
Buy at a stationery store or in the shop building materials film company Oracal or Avery (if you can't find in store, order on the Internet!) the desired color.
Spread your chosen film on the surface of the table or on the floor, glossy side down. Using pencil and ruler, transfer the film you created the pattern. This will help divided into centimeter squares the reverse side of the film!
Carefully cut with scissors pattern along the contour. Flip it glossy side up, and glue it on the mounting tape. So it will be easier to glue the pattern on the selected surface.
Using a dry cloth or soft brush clean the pasted over surface from dust. Mark with a pencil the place of gluing of a sticker.
Attach the sticker reverse side on the marked place and secure it with a strip of mounting tape so it wouldn't move. Carefully remove from foil lined portion of the substrate, and the film itself stick to the surface, carefully smoothing it flat object (credit card, squeegee, wide plastic spatula). Gradually, piece by piece, remove all the substrate, the pasting at the same time, the sticker.
After gluing the whole picture again smooth it with the squeegee to expel all air bubbles and adhere the sticker is perfect!