The information below applies not only to outboard motors but also to inflatable boats with carrying capacity more than 225 kg.

To start, determine the technical characteristics of your engine or boat. If the figures obtained exceed a level below which registration is not required, you should register (register) a boat or motor at the local branch of the state inspection on small size vessels (GIMS).

All the required information with regards to the state inspection for small size vessels you can get on their official website
In order to register your own watercraft, you must provide the documents indicating that the boat or motor you have purchased legally. Below is the list of required documents:

1. Passport to the outboard motor (or the boat), indicating the serial numbers, dimensions and specifications.
2. The contract of purchase-sale provided by the organization in which you acquired the motor or the boat.
3. The act of transfer and acceptance from a selling organization to the present owner (ie you).
4. Invoice, credit and cash order (or cashier's check)
If you bought the engine abroad, you are still required to prove the legality of its acquisition, for which you should provide the relevant documents (this includes all kinds of papers, proof of purchase and as proof of "clearance").
Check the motor or the boat can be conducted at your place of current residence, and place of Parking the boats.

Be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to provide your OKATO code (stands for "Russian classification of objects of administrative-territorial office"), as well as the name of the municipality (MO). Learn OKATO and MO, you can websites Control Ministry of Russia in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.