Advice 1: How to change picture resolution

Each image file has its resolution which is measured in pixels. The volume of photo or image in mega pixels can be obtain by multiplying the number of pixels width for the number of the height of the graphic file. At the same time, to quickly transfer large images via e-mail and to save space on the flash drive or disk, the resolution of the images are often subjected to change.
How to change picture resolution
You will need
  • The Program Paint.NET
To reduce file size is usually reduced and the picture resolution. To change the picture resolution will require even the most simple graphics editor. For example, is quite rich on features, free Russian photo editor Paint.NET. You can download it here: Set Paint.NET takes up very little space on your hard drive, and its interface is comprehensible even for inexperienced user.
Install Paint.NET launch it, open the picture whose size you want to change. Go to menu "File" – "Open". After the picture opens, click on the toolbar "Image" – "resize". In the window that appears, select "Percent" to change the resolution of the image in percentage. If you want to pre-set resolution, such as 800 pixels wide, choose "Absolute size" and enter the desired parameters. Tick the option "Maintain aspect ratio" so that the picture is not stretched out and does not flatten.
The picture with the new resolution ready. In order not to lose the original file, which may be useful in the future, do not overwrite it, select "File" – "Save as" and save the resulting image with the new resolution in the desired format at any convenient location such as the desktop or in the folder "My images".
Do not try to improve the picture quality by increasing resolution, in other words, don't make small images large. It will only lead to blurring and fuzziness of the picture.

Advice 2: How to increase image resolution

With magnification, you can see that the image perceived by the human eye at a distance as a full picture is composed of pixels. A designation of dpi (dots per inch) or dots per inch is the unit of measurement for the resolution of the image. The more dots placed in one inch, the sharper the image looks, that is a resolution is called a unit of measure that describes the density of pixels in the image. To get a higher resolution image, you must perform several actions.
How to increase image resolution
If you work in a graphics editor such as Adobe Photoshop, in the top line menu click "Image" (Image) in the drop-down menu click with the left mouse button on the item "Image Size" (Image Size), you will see a new dialog box. In the opened window, in the fields to specify the unit of measurement select (select using the drop-down list) the value of "Pixels" (pixels) and enter the desired value. Click OK.
To increase the resolution of the image on the monitor screen, call the component "Screen". To do this through the "start menu" open "control Panel" and in the category "appearance and themes" click the left mouse button on the icon "Display". Another way: click in any free of file and folder location "Desktop", right-click, in the drop-down menu, select "Properties". Opens a new dialog box "display Properties".
Navigate in the window that opens on the Parameters tab and drag the slider under "screen Resolution". The higher the screen resolution, the smaller will be the size of the various screen elements (icons, folders and files, labels, buttons, and so on). After selecting the desired resolution click "Apply". The screen briefly turns black and then you will see how to display the elements with the new resolution. Confirm your action and close the display properties window.
To set the print resolution, open the "Printers and faxes". To do this through the "start menu" call "control Panel". In the category "Printers and other hardware" click the "Printers and faxes". In the opened window, right-click the mouse on your printer icon and select "printing preferences". Click on the tab "Graphics" and select the desired resolution (for some printers the Advanced button, parameter "print Quality"). Click on the "Apply" button to make new settings into effect and close the window.
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