However, this feature may be useful to other users, because you can enable it when using silent mode: when the baby sleeps, the lectures, also the function will help and fans of loud music – a call unlikely to be heard, but the flash will be visible.

With the standard settings, a notification of an incoming call on your iPhone using ringtone and vibration, the user can customize these alerts to put your favorite tune or an individual type of vibration. Visual notification about the call is done using the flash on the camera: it starts to flash.

I must say that the built-in LED flash is present in the iPhone fourth generation model, earlier models no flash, but you can buy separately and plug into the 30-pin connector. In all models older than iPhone 4 flash is present initially.

The led light is located on the back of the device near the camera lens, its main function is the lighting of the scene when taking pictures and recording videos, but this is not the only area of its application.

To configure the type of call is easy, it does not need to install any special program, everything can be done in the standard settings of the device.

So when you call on an iPhone flashing the flash, you need to:

1. On the main screen, select "Settings", it is in the lower right corner and looks like a gray circle.

2. In menu settings select "Basic".

3. In the next menu, click "Universal access".

4. Go to the "Hearing" and move to working position switch for "LED flash for alerts".

The flash will flash only in case if the iPhone screen is locked. Otherwise (if the device is currently running and executes any of the functions), the flash will not be included, because that's not what the user will now see an alert about an incoming call on the device screen.

In addition to alerts about the incoming call the flash will also work on incoming messages, and when the bell goes.

Interestingly, in iOs 7 now has a flashlight, which is the same LED-flash. To include it is very simple – you only need to unlock the screen, log into the control Panel and click on the "Lantern" in the lower left corner. Off a flashlight button in the bottom right corner with a camera.