You will need
  • Computer, webcam, Skype, initial skills for work with computer
Make sure that the microphone is the webcam connected to the computer. If the cable has a single USB connector the microphone connected on it though. If the cable is the webcam has at the end of the fork with separate microphone plug, insert it into microphone Jack of computer. Usually, it's pink and next to it shown schematically the microphone.
Check that the microphone was included in the system. To do this, click "Sounds and audio devices" in "control Panel" and click "Advanced" to open the mixer device. In the strip with scale microphone volume menu option "off" if there is a checkmark, remove it and lift the slider on the volume bar of the MIC in the up position.
Start the Skype program. In the menu bar, select "Tools" and select "Settings". In the opened window, select "sound settings". In the right window displays the available settings for microphone and speakers. In the field of microphone settings there is a line for device selection. If the microphone of the web camera connected via USB, in this line, select "USB microphone". If a microphone is connected through a connector on your sound card, change nothing.
Under the line selection device located scale microphone volume. To increase or decrease the volume, remove the check mark next to "Allow automatic configuration of microphone and the movement of the slider to set the desired volume level. To verify the MIC using the test call of Skype.