Will get dismissed employee of sick leave to be paid. It should be remembered that rehabilitation it is valid for six months. The rule stated in paragraph 1, article 12 of the Federal law No. 255-FZ. The front side of the sheet needs to be filled by the medical officer of the medical institution, which treats a dismissed employee.
Complete the reverse side of the sick-list. In the column "Special notes" you must specify the date and number of the order of dismissal. Data are entered only HR head, accountant, or a responsible person appointed by the relevant order.
Calculate the amount of temporary disability benefits in accordance with the rules of article 14 of the Federal law No. 255-FZ. To do this, you must first determine the average earnings of the dismissed employee during the last 12 calendar months. While included in the calculation of all payments that are taken into account when determining the tax base according to unified social tax.
After that, you need to determine the average daily wage is equal to the ratio of the calculated earnings by the number of calendar days. Multiply the resulting value by 60%. The size of a hospital is equal to the multiplication of this value by the number of calendar days falling on the period of temporary disability.
Assign the temporary disability benefits within 10 calendar days from the date of application of the dismissed employee. Payment of hospital must be carried out in the closest for benefits the day set for the payment of wages at the enterprise.
Remember that unduly paid funds can be recovered from the dismissed employee, so carefully check the calculated amount. You also cannot refuse payment to the hospital because of the lack of enterprise funds. Contact in this case in the Department of FSS of the Russian Federation and will receive from the Fund the necessary funds.