Do not use illegal initiatives and not dismiss an employee without his official consent, so as to you can then be sanctioned by the judicial and tax authorities, as the place of work shall remain with the employee at the time of booking.
Don't fire employee and on the fact of downsizing, as the legislation does not require such actions in respect of such employees.
If your organization has officially announced the dissolution and liquidation, only then you can dismiss such employee.
Call to yourself (if possible) that the employee and invite them to discuss and decide the question of dismissal amicably, with the obligatory payment of all approved by the law of compensation. Not blackmail of the employee and not offer him money for lost their place of work without registration in the accounting Department. This can be further considered and employee, and the relevant authorities as bribery or a bribe.
Only if a slave, being in this holiday, sent to you by registered mail or by courier, the letter of resignation at own will, fire him after 14 days from the date of receipt of the application by mail. Remember that you'll have to pay him severance pay and other compensation, especially if the age of the child less than 3 years.
If the statement was received, not later than 14 days before the completion of the leave, the employee may be considered officially terminated from the date when he got back from holiday, do not be statements sent or personally handed to you.
Under the terms of drawing up fixed-term employment contract, even at the end of the period specified in it, you still have no legal right to issue the order on his dismissal, if the employee is caring for a child who is under 3 years or if your employee is the mother raising a child under 14 or a disabled child.