For hazel eyes choose shadow color that fits your complexion. But remember that the shade should be darker than your eyes. As well gold and purple.
For all brown eyes, regardless of shade, suitable pearly shade, but they have to be very bright. An excellent choice will be the shades, which fades into each other. For example, white, cream, light green, pale lilac. If you use brown shadows, they should be light.
It is believed that gray shadow versatile – they are suitable for any eye color, emphasizing it. But for hazel eyes they are not the best choice. Pink shades don't fit you totally.
Eyeliner can be used as brown and black pencil or eyeliner. Mascara choose according to their color type – black or brown.
A good option for mixed eye color that combines green and brown, will be makeup using the cosmetics of these tones. If the iris of your eyes has a primary color green, and the blotches or veins of brown, apply it on the entire mobile eyelid and below the lash line on the lower eyelid green eye shadows. Their tone should match the color of the iris of your eyes closer to the squirrel.
Then eyeliner, pencil or shadow brown color (which is optional in your iris), draw the arrow to the rich growth of the upper and lower lashes.
For best effect, bring a black pencil or eyeliner upper and lower eyelids from the inside. The line should be thin. Paint lashes black with mascara. Thus, you get a smooth color transition, simulating the color of your eyes. This technique is beneficial to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.
There's another secret makeup, where the color of the eyes will not only be underlined, but enhanced. To do this, in conjunction with grey shadows and black mascara to use the pencil the same color as your eyes, moving them to the inner eyelid. This technique is used in case you want to change a little the hue of their eyes.