Find out your size

To choose the right model, you need to know your weight, height or clothing size. Because the size chart in the U.S., Europe, CIS and Asia are different from each other, manufacturers will indicate on the packaging of hosiery to your table. Perfectly fitting stockings hug the legs like a second skin, so it is best to opt for a smaller size.

Pay attention to the quality of the product

Cheap and counterfeit stockings can be hard to stay on the hips due to the thin or silicone strips. It happens that manufacturer weakly cemented it, and the stockings begin to slide on the first day. Choose a product with a wide band that will fit snugly to the leg. You can also lightly moisten the strip with water to provide a better grip.

To protect yourself from fraud, please note on the package and the information about the manufacturer. In the first place, evident defects in printing of print: exploding paint, poorly antialiased fonts that are fuzzy or low quality images. Typographical errors in the text descriptions clearly indicate the underground origin of the product. A good manufacturer must indicate contact details of the company, including a telephone hotline to receive complaints. Uncover the mystery of the origin of stockings will help a barcode, but to decrypt it would have to carry the table.

Stockings can come into disrepair after improper care: washing and drying. Wash hosiery from nylon and nylon can only manually in warm water delicate means. Squeeze tights and stockings in a terrycloth towel and dried it unfolded.

Solution to a delicate issue

Even high-quality stockings can be hard to keep on sliding when sweating, especially in summer. To avoid any unpleasant incident, use the powder for delicate skin. Do not hold the full stockings and the girls. In the long term it is advisable to get rid of fat on the hips.

But if you need to solve the problem immediately, you will help the belt with the pages. Pick the right model in the lingerie store, and you will feel much more confident stockings. For everyday wear it is advisable to purchase a wide elastic band no laces, tight to the body. Lace models, in turn, is designed for special occasions and romantic evenings.