You will need
  • - strong spade;
  • - axe;
  • - Vaga;
  • rope;
  • - the iron crowbar;
  • - gloves;
  • - a hacksaw.
Put on cotton gloves and cut off the trunk of the cherry at a height of 1 meter. Gloves will protect your hands from damage, dry branches and pieces of bark. If the plant tonkoslojnoe, cut off should be no higher than 50 centimeters from the ground.
Take a sturdy shovel for garden work. For the uprooting would be the best shovel made of stainless steel or titanium. Stepping back from the trunk a meter or one and a half, start to dig the ground, releasing the large roots as possible.
Cut with a hacksaw visible parts of the large roots at the greatest distance from the trunk of a cherry. If the roots are not available for sawing, chopping them with an ax. Remaining in the soil shallow roots will decompose in 1-2 years.
Use the remaining trunk of the cherry as a lever and try to shake the tree. In the Central part of the root of the tree will drive the steel scrap and try to lift the entire root system simultaneously with the rocking. Here you may need a strong helper. To stop at scrap can be put wooden logs. Experienced growers, who have often had to remove old trees from the site, for these purposes, use a crowbar with a specially welded to it with an axe.
Tie the roots of the plants with a rope and attach it to Vahe, try to remove the cherry, lifting her upright. If this fails, pull up the remaining roots, which go from the trunk to the ground.