First of all, fill in the correct registration form. Keep in mind that all records must be done with a black gel pen in block letters. Sample of writing letters and numbers, you can see the top part of the form of answers № 1. Write your surname, name, patronymic, the code of your educational institution (you must notify the school, and it will be listed in your pass code PPE (item exam) on your registration sheet. It is necessary to specify the date of the exam, the variant number (it is listed in your personal CIMA) and the name of the object.
Doing the job unit A, fill the form of answers №1. You will have four possible options to choose one, the right, and place a cross or check mark in the box that corresponds to the correct answer. All you will need to complete thirty tasks unit A.
Doing the job of block B, write to the free Windows not crosses or ticks, and the words, phrases or numbers. Figure you can specify the number of that particular suggestions, and also, for example, indicate the number of grammatical bases in a particular sentence. In a block you will need to cope with family tasks. Correct answer you must write also in the form of responses No.! in the designated field.
Substitute incorrect answers in the box designed specially for this procedure, in the form of answers №1, at the bottom of the sheet. You will need to specify the number of incorrect answers and to tell us the right answer. For example, in front of the letters you need to specify the job number and write in the window of a word, phrase or a number. Keep in mind that the possibility of replacing of wrong answers is limited.
In the form of answers №2 write an essay-argument. It must be made out legibly and accurately. If you don't have enough space for writing the work block (the works), you have the right to ask the organizers to be in the audience, the additional form of answers №2. However, don't forget to move the room (your option, specified in Kim and recorded in the upper part, in a specially designated place) in the additional form of answers №2.
In any case, do not make any extraneous marks in the fields in the forms. Such work may be rejected because such a design can be regarded as a hint or a sign teacher, member of the evaluation Committee. Be aware that if the replies of block A and b, i.e. the forms of answers №1, is checked using information technologies, the essays arguments, issued on the form of answers №2, assessed by two of the teacher-the expert in turn.
Use extreme neatness and care in completing forms during the examination.