Recall that the structure of essays, arguments with the following:
- in the introduction, consisting of 2-3 sentences need to bring the reader to the topic, which raises the composition;

- description of the problem raised by the author;


- the position of the author;

- the position of the pupil (the best position – partial agreement with the author);

- the argument positions;

- conclusion
Start offer a variety of ways.
You can start with messages brief information about the author and his work. For example: "M. M. Prishvin is one of the few authors of artistic expression, whose works bring up in us the awe and love of nature, the ability to consider the beautiful in the world around us. But in this work he appears in an unexpected role of the philosopher, the seeker is the relationship of man and nature".
Another option is to start with a list of members with homogeneous generalized word (most often in their capacity to use abstract concepts that are related to the topic). For example: "Loyalty, friendship, love – without these concepts it is impossible to imagine the spiritual world. Well-known contemporary author shares with us in his articles the following thoughts..."
A good option is to specify in the introduction is a rhetorical question, but rather a pair that also led to the essay topic. It is best in such matters to use contrast. For example: "in wartime, with all its cruelties and injustice can be born in human compassion? How can you tell where sincerity, where's the hypocrisy? These and other issues raises in his work..."
Or start with their reasoning about the problem raised. For example: "I have often thought about how difficult it is to give clear definitions of such concepts as happiness, faith, or love, and in fact need them, without exception. The author in his text invites us to reflect on..."
In the introduction you can use the following speech patterns:
- The article (work, poem), it is stated (described, narrated, the author proposes to consider talks on...

In this little work the writer addressed a significant issue (a few issues important to all of us)...

- The author is not speaking clearly, but whatever idea he wanted to convey to us, but throughout the text there is a clear line...
Right after starting the essay, you will set the tone for the text, most importantly to Express their thoughts clearly, strictly following the plan.