You will need
  • - the form of the exam;
  • - a draft.
The form of the exam consists of four parts. First you enter your personal data. Surname, name and patronymic write clearly, legibly, in printed letters. The letters must not touch the borders of the window, place them exactly in the center of a white field. To fill, use a black gel pen. Take your time. The students usually make a mistake when filling their data. Trying to write quickly, they simply passed the letter, and this form is spoilt.
Fill in all the items in the order in which recommends Testament. Because then you will encounter fields that will need to write code agencies and other encrypted data you don't know. If you're distracted, you miss this information or enter it in those fields.
The unit answers "In the" requires special attention when filling. Before you enter in the box the answer to the question, count the number of cells. If the number of letters in your answer exceeds the number of Windows, think about how best to reduce. Having extra time, re-read the assignment. Perhaps you made a mistake. The developers of the exam try to formulate the task so that the answers were not too long to fit in the allocated field. But, unfortunately, it manages them is not always. If you are sure they are right, then simply cut the word in accordance with the norms of the Russian language.
The most arbitrary form is a fill block. This job runs on a separate letterhead. Write your first essay draft. Check it for spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. And only then carefully write it in uppercase in the form. Try to avoid corrections. All the letters you write as clearly as possible, otherwise any questionable item may be a mistake. Don't draw at work, in the fields, on the reverse of the form.