You will need
  • the website
Open the Vkontakte page of the person whose photos you want to view. If access to the page for you is not blocked, then you will be able to freely view photos of this person.
If the page with the photos blocked, then look at the address bar (top in browser appears the address of the page where you entered). In this line you will see You need to copy the user id whose pictures you want to view. For example the number at the end of links (123) is the sought id.
Go to the website Immediately you will see the main page with brief instructions and a window with the inscription "Here." In this box paste or enter the id you copied and click "Watch". After clicking you will be taken to a new page where it will show all the pictures of the searched user.
Click on the photos. They will be displayed in full size. You can freely view them. If on the user page, no photos, appears the inscription "is not Present".