You will need
  • - bodybar;
  • - dumbbell;
  • - long expander (elastic band).
Exercise for the gluteus muscles should begin with stretching and warm-up. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and deep squat without lifting your heels off the floor. Reach the buttocks back until you feel maximum stretch. After several slow repetitions dial-paced, active squat and stand on two accounts; then squat to get up on one; then the opposite: one by the sharp squat, three slow rise. As the complexity of your workouts, add weight (special bodybar on the shoulders, dumbbells or just water bottles in both hands).
Then proceed to exercise to the attacks. Far right naked step forward and take a seat so that the foot and buttock together at the bottom point of your squat. Shook. Then repeat with the left leg. It is recommended to do at least 8 repetitions on each leg.
Kicks to the side, and then need to complete 20-30 repetitions. To create a load on the gluteus muscle the whole body must be locked, only works the leg near the hip (foot relaxed, the sock is turned down). To maintain balance, it is better to have support (e.g., upright bodybar), but do not hang on it, but just stick with it. Symmetrically repeated for the other foot.
A set of exercises in the knee-elbow position: swing one leg at 90 degrees (the knee is also bent at a right angle) at least 20-30 repetitions. The rest of the body remains stationary. Symmetrically with the other leg. Then straighten the knee rest on the floor with toe and do Mahi straight leg. Repeat with the other leg. It is more efficient to perform these exercises with the chest expander (elastic band, one end of which is fixed on the swing leg, and the second is held fixed knee).
Effectively exercise the buttocks of the supine position, legs bent at the knees. Lift the pelvis, stretching the body from knees to shoulders in one line, hold this position, then lowered to the starting posture. Take at least 15-20 repetitions.