Exercises for great glutes

Stand up, hands stick to the wall, weight transfer onto right foot, left foot bend your knee and pull it to the stomach. When you exhale the lifted leg maximum get ago, feel like reduced gluteal muscle. On the inhale bring the leg forward. Run 18 swings. Stand on your left foot, do the exercise on the right buttock.

Then stand on your right foot, bring left slightly back, keep your knee straight. Within minutes do the jiggling left leg. Then repeat the exercise right. If the support leg is driving in long distance on it, do jiggle more than a short time, but in several approaches. For example, the activity can run 20 seconds, rest a bit, then continue.

Stand with your feet together position, hands slightly bend at the elbows, press them to the sides. Do 20 seconds low jumping. Then do 2 jumps on right foot, then on the left. So repeat for two minutes. Then go to jumping on two feet. Finish the exercise by walking.

Legs apart, hands put on hips. Start slowly squat until thighs are parallel the floor, hold in this position and breathe normally. After 5 seconds, slowly straighten up. Follow 4 more of these squats. Be sure to follow the position of the knees during squats if you do them with a sharp angle can damage the joints.

The legs connect with the palms lower on the waist. Making the exhale, perform a lunge forward with the left foot. When you inhale, go back. On the next exhale, step forward with your right foot. Perform 15 lunges on each leg.

Exercise on middle gluteal muscle

Get on all fours, right leg straight, raise it off the floor and move slightly to the side. 'S leg up and down 30 times. Then repeat the load on the left leg.

Lie on your stomach, chin lay on the floor, arms down along the body. When you exhale tighten your buttocks, thighs spread, slightly lift the feet off the floor. With an inhalation, relax and put your feet. Do 10 lifts. Bend your knees, exhale, lift your hips off the floor, on the inhale return them to the surface. Exercise do 10 times.

The position is the same, toes point to the floor. When you exhale lift right leg, hold the weight for 15 seconds, do not hold your breath. Follow the breath in and lower your leg. When you exhale again, do the lift the right leg. Repeat the exercise 3 times. Then, the upgrades make the left leg.