You will need
  • - dumbbell;
  • - rubber band shock absorber;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - balancing platform;
  • - step-up platform with a height of 25-30 cm;
  • - the fitball.
Lie on your back, bend your knees. Put on the rubber feet the cushion tape. Keep the heels together and the socks apart. Holding hands, the ends of the tape, pull the damper so that your elbows lay on the floor. Slightly lift your pelvis and pull your hips toward your chest. Keep your lower back from the floor and not vegimite her. On the exhale, straighten your legs, directing the toes themselves. To increase the load, keep your feet as close as possible to the floor. Return to starting position on inhale. Leave your legs on the weight. Then repeat.
Stand on the balancing platform, feet hip-width apart. Extend hands in front of him at chest level, turning the palm down. Lower the blade and take them back. Tighten the muscles of the press. Maintaining balance, bend your knees and sit down. The farther back you'll take the hips, the higher the load on the quads. Slowly return to starting position. Keep your back straight. Don't look away, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain balance.
Sit on an exercise ball. Legs bent at the knees at a right angle, feet together. Dilute with straight arms to the sides at shoulder level. Lift left leg off the floor and straighten it. Raise your straight leg as high as possible, maintaining balance. Again bend your leg, but don't put it on the floor. Repeat the lift. Performing this exercise without weights many times, you can "dry" muscle front of the thigh and reduce them in volume. If the ankle to attach the load, the muscles, on the contrary, will increase.
Grab a dumbbell and stand on the platform. Feet shoulder width apart, back straight. Chest?. With the palms facing the body. Take a step back with your right foot and rest on the floor with toe. The heel should be raised. Lower the body down to the distance between the right knee and the floor was still 30-40 cm Left knee should be directly over the ankle. Straining left foot, return to starting position. Do not try to climb due to the push by the right leg, this will reduce the load on the muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thigh. This leg only helps you to maintain balance. Then take a step back and down left leg.
Perform 12 to 15 lunges with each leg. Relax for a minute and take another approach. To increase the load you took for dumbbells and barbell.