To achieve this you need to do deep squats. During squats you have on your shoulders to keep the bar (this is one of the most effective exercises among bodibilderov). In this exercise, keep the biceps of the thighs in contact with the calf muscles.
If you once failed to perform this exercise, do not despair, with every squat you will have to get better and better. Should not stretch down, choose a comfortable position to squat when you do not feel discomfort. To start, take a blank fretboard and begin to perform the exercises. To get used to this exercise, perform 3-4 approach.
Sure that during the exercise your back was straight and was in suspense. Do not lean forward. Standing with the stamp on the keys to keep your back straight, lock this position and slightly lean forward. Performing the exercises should work only one leg, the trunk should be motionless.
Then slowly, making no sudden movements, sit down to the end and climb up to the starting position. Every day it is necessary to perform 7 sets of 12-15 reps. If after exercise you feel good, can increase the load to 20 reps, but if you very hard to perform this exercise, do not rush, do 5-7 repetitions, gradually increasing the load. The first exercise should be easy, as a warm up.
You can also use the machine. The technique of movements will not change, but on the simulator it is necessary to raise the legs so that during lifting the body you could raise the neck up and slightly back.
If you want to shape your butt, you should perform lunges with a barbell. This is a fairly simple exercise, but it involves a lot of auxiliary muscles. For very busy people is the perfect exercise, because it should be done once a week. If you correctly perform this exercise, then within the first month of classes you will be supporting muscles of the buttocks.
There are several ways to perform this exercise with dumbbells in hand or with the stamp on his shoulders. Exercise with the stamp is more effective. Stand in its original position (as when performing deep squats), slowly take a step forward (without any sudden movements not to damage the cords). The leg should bend at a right angle, and the leg that the back should be flexed at a right angle. You should almost touch the floor with his knee, but not rely on it. Now go back to the original position. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times, alternately changing legs.