Exercises for the buttocks in the standing position

Stand up, keep feet together, hands position as you wish. Jumping on the spot. First bounce is low for 30 seconds. Then increase the height of your jump to the maximum. After 30 seconds go to run. Try to lift knee as high as possible in front of him. Running perform 30 seconds. Then again, go for high jumps, slowly reducing their intensity. Exercise done on a step.

The original position of the old one, hands hold at the waist. When you exhale lift the right foot off the floor and make a maximum step to the side. Perform the squat. Inhale the right leg back. Exhaling, his left foot step and do a squat. Perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.

Stand next to some support, for example chair, wall. Right foot slightly pull back, toe point to itself. Follow the swaying motion of her foot up and down for 2 minutes. If the reference leg begins to go numb, run the exercise in two ways, making a break of 10 seconds. Repeat the load on the left leg.

Legs spread wide, hands bend at the elbows and place them on the sides of the hull. Exhaling, perform a squat, on the inhale, straighten up. Repeat the exercise at least 25 times. Be careful during squats, knee angle don't do spicy.

The palm put on any prop, the body weight transfer onto the right leg and raise your left foot off the floor, knee pull closer to the body. Exhaling, sit down and hold in this position for 25 seconds, don't hold your breath. When you inhale stand up on both legs. Then repeat the squat on the right leg.

Exercises in lying position

Lie on your stomach, place hands in front of him. When you exhale lift above the floor the left leg, trying to tear away from the surface of the thigh. On the inhale lower it back to its original position. Following the upgrade, run the right foot. Do the exercise 15 times on each buttock. Then get some rest. Complicate the exercise: exhale when you lift off the floor simultaneously with both feet. Do 15 repetitions.

Legs spread wide, bend their knees, raise up on your elbows. Exhaling, lift above the floor of the right thigh and complete jiggle them up and down. Exercise do 15 seconds, then lie down completely on the floor and relax a minute. Climb to the original position and make lifting your left hip.

Roll onto your back, knees bend, feet to pull yourself. Try to reach your palms up to the shins. If not, place the palm as close as possible to the foot. With an exhalation raise the pelvis above the floor. When you inhale lower it back. Perform 30 of these climbs.