Advice 1: For 2 weeks to pump up buttocks

A firm butt is the decoration of the female body. If you are not satisfied with their shape, start to perform a set of exercises that strengthen the gluteal muscles. For the rapid formation of beautiful forms, try to exercise every day. With such regularity, firm buttocks, you will receive in 2 weeks.
Blast the glutes will help strength exercises

Exercises for the buttocks in the standing position

Stand up, keep feet together, hands position as you wish. Jumping on the spot. First bounce is low for 30 seconds. Then increase the height of your jump to the maximum. After 30 seconds go to run. Try to lift knee as high as possible in front of him. Running perform 30 seconds. Then again, go for high jumps, slowly reducing their intensity. Exercise done on a step.

The original position of the old one, hands hold at the waist. When you exhale lift the right foot off the floor and make a maximum step to the side. Perform the squat. Inhale the right leg back. Exhaling, his left foot step and do a squat. Perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.

Stand next to some support, for example chair, wall. Right foot slightly pull back, toe point to itself. Follow the swaying motion of her foot up and down for 2 minutes. If the reference leg begins to go numb, run the exercise in two ways, making a break of 10 seconds. Repeat the load on the left leg.

Legs spread wide, hands bend at the elbows and place them on the sides of the hull. Exhaling, perform a squat, on the inhale, straighten up. Repeat the exercise at least 25 times. Be careful during squats, knee angle don't do spicy.

The palm put on any prop, the body weight transfer onto the right leg and raise your left foot off the floor, knee pull closer to the body. Exhaling, sit down and hold in this position for 25 seconds, don't hold your breath. When you inhale stand up on both legs. Then repeat the squat on the right leg.

Exercises in lying position

Lie on your stomach, place hands in front of him. When you exhale lift above the floor the left leg, trying to tear away from the surface of the thigh. On the inhale lower it back to its original position. Following the upgrade, run the right foot. Do the exercise 15 times on each buttock. Then get some rest. Complicate the exercise: exhale when you lift off the floor simultaneously with both feet. Do 15 repetitions.

Legs spread wide, bend their knees, raise up on your elbows. Exhaling, lift above the floor of the right thigh and complete jiggle them up and down. Exercise do 15 seconds, then lie down completely on the floor and relax a minute. Climb to the original position and make lifting your left hip.

Roll onto your back, knees bend, feet to pull yourself. Try to reach your palms up to the shins. If not, place the palm as close as possible to the foot. With an exhalation raise the pelvis above the floor. When you inhale lower it back. Perform 30 of these climbs.

Advice 2: How to pump up buttocks fast

Elastic, rounded buttocks look very attractive. But not all nature has bestowed such wealth. The gluteal muscles can be pumped. Very fast to make it not work, but if every day to do, a month later the ass will be convex and seductive. Don't be lazy.
How to pump up buttocks fast
For starters warm up your muscles. To do this, connect feet together and bend. Your fingertips need to strive to get to the floor. Even if you do it will not work the muscles of the buttocks is stretched and becomes elastic, which will help enhance the effects of subsequent exercises.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Very well the muscles of the buttocks pumped from squats. Squat to long. But if you get tired. Squat at least 10 times a day. The main thing that heel exactly on the floor, and never left him. This will give the muscles the right load.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Lie on the floor on your stomach. Straighten your arms along the body. Head need to rely on the chin. Now lift up one straight leg and then the other. It is necessary to raise on the maximum distance that is available. If possible, it is better to hold the leg upstairs in a few seconds. To do the exercise at least 10-15 minutes without a break.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Lie on the floor on his back. Put your hands under the buttocks. Bend the legs. Then as high as you can lift your pelvis. Definitely necessary to squeeze, to strain muscles of the buttocks. When the pelvis is at the top, dilute and mix the knees. Repeat the exercise necessary until, until my muscles ache.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Get on all fours, your palms should rest on the floor. Leave one knee on the floor the other leg straighten and lift up. Her toe must be pointed down. You cannot touch the floor, leg should be shed. Then do the same the other leg. Then complicate the exercise, lifting not straight, but bent at the knees. Then estimado to start to straighten the leg, and then bend it upwards to awning the heel and moving up and down.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Stand not fours. Pull to the side of the leg at an angle of 90°. Then the other leg. So it is necessary to do not less than 10-15 minutes or 10-15 times for each leg. The main criterion is muscle fatigue.
How to build <strong>buttocks</strong> quickly
Useful advice
If the muscles after a workout very sick, you can lie in a warm bath with sea salt.

Advice 3: How quickly pump up the buttocks at home

Beautiful and toned buttocks – cherished desire of many people. There is a special set of exercises to pump this muscle group, which, incidentally, can be performed in home conditions.
How quickly pump up the buttocks at home
You will need
  • - dumbbell.
Take original position. Lie on the floor belly down. Lift the upper body, focusing on elbows. One leg bend at the hip joint. Note: it should be as tight to the body. You should feel the contact of the thigh with the knee. The other leg pull back without bending the knee. When performing exercises, ensure that the back remains flat, not caved in. Slowly raise the outstretched leg off the floor. Avoid its flexion. Return to starting position. Do not make sudden movements. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times on each leg.
Perform the exercise with dumbbells. To do this, stand straight. Pick up the dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg. Legs a little apart. During exercise follow back. It should be smooth. Inhale the right leg to make the lunge. Please note that the bending angle of the knee was 90 degrees. A vigorous effort to return to the starting position, making the exhale. Repeat the exercise on the other leg. Don't forget to monitor the balance. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times on each leg for 2-3 sets. Remember: the wider the step, the more involved gluteus thighs.
Try to include in your set of exercises foot. So you effectively employ the gluteus Maximus muscle. This excellent exercise allows you to improve the rear surface of the legs. Take original position. Stand up straight, two hands grasp the back of a chair or bed. This will be your support. The upper body slightly forward, not rotting back. On the inhale make a smooth swing leg, lifting it to its maximum height. On the exhale, return to starting position. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times on each leg for 5 or 6 approaches. Gradually increase the load.

Advice 4: How to build muscle thighs and buttocks

Traditional exercise for repairing the muscles of the hips and buttocks are squats. This is true, squats with barbell or dumbbells allow you to train all of the muscles of the lower body. But if you are a little bored with regular pull shot, try new exercises that will make your hips and buttockss perfect.
How to build muscle thighs and buttocks
You will need
  • - dumbbell;
  • - rubber band shock absorber;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - balancing platform;
  • - step-up platform with a height of 25-30 cm;
  • - the fitball.
Lie on your back, bend your knees. Put on the rubber feet the cushion tape. Keep the heels together and the socks apart. Holding hands, the ends of the tape, pull the damper so that your elbows lay on the floor. Slightly lift your pelvis and pull your hips toward your chest. Keep your lower back from the floor and not vegimite her. On the exhale, straighten your legs, directing the toes themselves. To increase the load, keep your feet as close as possible to the floor. Return to starting position on inhale. Leave your legs on the weight. Then repeat.
Stand on the balancing platform, feet hip-width apart. Extend hands in front of him at chest level, turning the palm down. Lower the blade and take them back. Tighten the muscles of the press. Maintaining balance, bend your knees and sit down. The farther back you'll take the hips, the higher the load on the quads. Slowly return to starting position. Keep your back straight. Don't look away, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain balance.
Sit on an exercise ball. Legs bent at the knees at a right angle, feet together. Dilute with straight arms to the sides at shoulder level. Lift left leg off the floor and straighten it. Raise your straight leg as high as possible, maintaining balance. Again bend your leg, but don't put it on the floor. Repeat the lift. Performing this exercise without weights many times, you can "dry" muscle front of the thigh and reduce them in volume. If the ankle to attach the load, the muscles, on the contrary, will increase.
Grab a dumbbell and stand on the platform. Feet shoulder width apart, back straight. Chest?. With the palms facing the body. Take a step back with your right foot and rest on the floor with toe. The heel should be raised. Lower the body down to the distance between the right knee and the floor was still 30-40 cm Left knee should be directly over the ankle. Straining left foot, return to starting position. Do not try to climb due to the push by the right leg, this will reduce the load on the muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thigh. This leg only helps you to maintain balance. Then take a step back and down left leg.
Perform 12 to 15 lunges with each leg. Relax for a minute and take another approach. To increase the load you took for dumbbells and barbell.

Advice 5: How to pump up all of the gluteal muscles

The gluteal muscles are considered to be one of the most powerful and largest muscles in the human body. In their structure they represent the three paired areas: small, medium and large. Therefore, selecting a set of exercises, it is necessary to consider that all the gluteal muscles were involved evenly.
How to pump up all of the gluteal muscles

Helpful information

The most powerful muscle in the human body – the gluteus Maximus. It has a flattened diamond-shaped form. Starts the gluteus Maximus on the pelvic bone, screeplays with the femur.

Gluteus Medius is defined on the surface of the Ilium. Then it goes down, gradually turning into a thick tendon.

Small gluteal muscle is under average and, in terms of structure, it is similar to it.

Training the gluteal muscles

Exercise the gluteal muscles is not, in most cases special difficulties. And this is no accident. It should be noted that a person initially has a well-developed gluteus Maximus. This is due to the fact that the motion on them is the main burden of the body.

Squats – effective and good exercise, which promotes muscle development. This load is an excellent exercise the gluteal muscles. Typically, conventional sit-UPS is enough to quickly develop the area.

The technique of deep squats will more specifically focus on leveling the gluteal muscles. Considering the individual characteristics of the body, quality deep squat cannot not for everyone. To start this exercise is recommended with a large number of repetitions with small weights. Do not forget to follow the technique of performing a deep squat. Only by observing these conditions, it is possible to achieve a positive result. Like many basic exercises, squats allow you to effectively and quickly build muscle mass. If you choose more specifically to work on the shape of the buttocks, you need to include in their training more exercises.

Lunges are considered as one of the best exercises to give the beautiful shape of the gluteal muscles. Special attention should be paid to technique. To work on the gluteal muscles should be started without additional weights. Only after mastering the technique can take the load a barbell or dumbbell.

In fact, to be shaped, pumped, powerful gluteus Maximus is enough to do two simple exercises – lunges and squats. If you decide to increase the load, turn in the work dumbbell.

At the end of each workout, experts recommend to stretch the gluteal muscles. It must be remembered that, following this Council, are you doing a rapid step in giving desired shapes to your buttocks.
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