You will need
  • - CD with software;
  • - the packaging.
To find the serial number on the disk, examine it carefully and read the text written in most cases on the right side after the letters S/N. it Usually contains a lot of characters and is used to enter the program to generate an activation code based on it using the installer program. Don't give your serial numberand your software.
Carefully inspect the packaging of your program for the serial code for the purchased software or the game. If the software product license, serial number always prescribed or on the box or on the disk.
Also read the documentation, which can be inside the box with the disk. The serial number of the program can also be found on one of the pages included in brochure user manual. Some developers also provide a system of protection based on the input of the installer for a particular word from a page. The options may be few, and the correct sequence you can read on the official website of the developer of your software.
In the event you purchase pre-installed in the computer version of the software, the package which included the recovery disk, search for serial numbere product on a special sticker that is usually located on the case of your computer or on the back of the laptop.
In case you purchase software MS Office, bundled with a computer license check on the case. Before buying games and other software check that there is no matching sample license disk and do not buy programs from questionable outlets.