You will need
  • - card reader.
Carefully inspect the packaging of your removable drive, it is possible that it contains one of its elements the information about the identification number of the device. This is the easiest way to find out the ID of the flash card.
Use an in-car Navigator Garmin, to learn the identifier of the flash card. To do this, insert it into the designated slot in the navigation device, turn it on and log in to the service menu Garmin.
Press and hold the screen in the corner of the icon with a battery. In some models you need to click on the clock.
Go to the menu called “Data card test page” and write down the serial number of the drive. You can also use the other browser, the sequence of actions will be about the same.
If you have a smartphone or PDA, check the identification number of the removable drive through it. For this you will need additional software to display information about the connected mobile device the memory. Such programs are many, they are developed separately for each platform, but not all of them are working properly. The flash card must be inserted into the appropriate compartment in the phone, then it should load.
Use special software, for example, the program Everest to find out the ID of the memory card. To do this, connect it to the computer using a card reader and view the configuration of disk devices, it is possible that using one of these programs you will get to know the flash ID card.
Also try to use different file managers, which are installed in mobile devices and in computer memory.