Advice 1: How to find out serial number of laptop

Now many laptop models in addition to the warranty issued by the shop, you can also receive an additional guarantee from the company developer of the portable computer. And, as a rule, it may be issued for up to five years. It's a pretty small period. After all, the laptop - a thing not cheap. To obtain it you need to register the purchase on the company website and enter the serial number.
How to find out serial number of laptop
You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • program AIDA64 Extreme Edition.
The serial number is a unique numberω, which is assigned to each model of laptop. It not only allows you to register your purchase on the manufacturer's website, but in case of failure of the parts to a computer is much easier to order a new one. For each model laptop serial number can be written in different places of his body and is a combination that consists of ten characters, including both letters and numbers.
Very often the serial number can be found on the bottom case of the laptop. First identify the model of the portable computer, and a little below - the serial number (Serial). Typically, this information is written on the sticker. Also sometimes it is located under the battery of the laptop. Remove the battery and see if there is a sticker with the serial numberE.
Also check the serial number , you can use the documentation for your laptop. It should be written on the warranty sheet that you were given at purchase. Carefully read your warranty card. The room must be there necessarily.
If you failed to find your serial number on the computer case or in the documentation, then you can use additional software, namely the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition. To look for need its full version, as trivial, the version information on the serial numberAh simply will not be available. Download the program from Internet and install it on your computer.
Run AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Wait a few seconds until the collection of information about the system. In the main program menu select "Computer" and in the next window - "total information". Will pop up another window where you locate the section of the DMI. In it look for the string "DMI system serial number". The value to be written in this line is the serial number of your model of laptop.

Advice 2: How to find the serial number of the computer

The MAC address is a unique identifier for network cards. It is still in production. In this time a lot of Internet providers fixed access to Internet by MAC address. This means that you can only use the Internet from one machine, the MAC address which is written at the provider. Replacement of the MAC address may be required, for example, when buying a new computer.
How to find the serial number of the computer
You will need
  • PC
Click "Start". Next "All programs". And select the tab "Standard".
Select "Command prompt". In this window write “ipconfig/all” and press “Enter”. Opposite to "Physical address" in the window you will see the MAC address.
You can also find out the MAC address some other way. Click "Start". Further, the "control Panel"
Go to the tab "Network and Internet". Next, click on "control Center network and sharing"
On the right, select "Change adapter settings".
In the opened window, right button click on "Connect" (local area Connection) and select properties.
In the window at the top click on the inscription with the name of your network card.
In the pop-up message will appear the MAC address of your network card. In the same window click on "Configure"
In the window that opens, click "Advanced"
In the list, select "Network address". Appears 12 digits to the right. This is the MAC ID.
Here you can change the MAC ID.Instead of those numbers, write new and press OK.
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